ARISTOCRAT KIDS is gaining its position among other luxury children’s wear brands thanks to its bespoke quality..

Each garment, using the craftsmanship of experienced seamstresses, is duly handmade by a single tailor in ARISTOCRAT KIDS in-house atelier based in Riga, Latvia (EU). Each garment comes with a tag, beautifully hand signed by its royal tailor.



For its ready-to-wear collections, ARISTOCRAT KIDS uses only the highest quality natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, cashmere. Collections include hand woven fabrics using innovative materials and are exclusive due to the hand painted prints and special semi-precious stones or crystal bead embroideries.

For its footwear and accessories lines ARISTOCRAT KIDS uses naturally tanned chrome free animal leathers. Headwear collections include hand felted rabbit wools, natural wood and braided seagrass straw, just to name a few.

In 2016 ARISTOCRAT KIDS introduces the world with its luxurious Royal Amber line. This exclusive collection is made from hand woven or knitted materials interlaced with the luxurious amber yarn.

Amber is a natural gemstone with powerful soothing and stress relieving abilities and was once known to be a lucky charm for the kings of Egypt. More recently amber has been scientifically proven to have the ability to take away stress, ease pains, block ultraviolet rays, regenerate skin cells and keep the body toned.

Protected by countless patents and scientific researches, this magical yarn has been invented by a Latvian scientist and exclusively with ARISTOCRAT KIDS is the first ever kids clothing collection to use this innovative and magical material....



The most magical drawings and ARISTOCRAT KIDS signature prints are hand embroidered with semi-precious stones such as sugary Swarovski crystals and mother of pearl gems, reinforcing the preciousness and exclusiveness of each garment.



Every collection includes its own signature prints that reinforce the fairy tale – the main source of inspiration for creating each collection. Initially hand painted with oil on canvas or other techniques, these unique drawings are then transformed into beautiful prints on silks and cottons of highest quality, exclusively made for ARISTOCRAT KIDS.



Every ARISTOCRAT KIDS accessory and footwear is being hand-made by the best local professionals praising the cultural heritage and preservation of artisanal savoir-faire of custom made quality.

Rigorous attention to the very smallest detail is paid when creating ARISTOCRAT KIDS garments. Each item is finished with invisible seams, the tulle underskirts are made slightly above the length of the cotton lining and the upper main fabric in order to avoid any skin scratching and discomfort.

All bow and flower accessories are detachable to ensure safer dry cleaning. Considering different children body types, we make adjustable waist line and ¾ sleeves on our garments to ensure comfort.