Royal Baby collections tell the great story of love and affection towards our dearest ones.

Each collection item is thoughtfully hand made from the best quality natural materials whilst using the highest standards of craftsmanship in respect to heritage of ancient royal techniques, such as those of lace making and weaving. 

The luxurious amber yarn that is hand woven into Royal Baby signature fabrics, creates a unique material that provides a soothing and calming effect for the baby

For special custom made ROYAL BABY orders please contact us at mtm@aristocratkids.com



Royal Baby uses exclusive hand woven fabrics made from the highest quality natural yarns such as linen, silk, royal alpaca, cashmere and others that are innovatively combined with the soothing and healing properties of amber.



This ancient and royal type of hand made lace was historically created using gold and silver wrapped threads and was widely recognized by the nobles during the Renaissance. Today, praising the heritage of craftsmanship, Royal Baby collection brings back these exclusive finishing details in its clothing and bedding collections.



Royal Baby offers a line of baby essentials, including rompers, hats, dresses and socks that can be easily combined with each other to form customized gift sets.



Royal Baby is famous for its exclusive bedding sets which also carry the unique benefits of the luxurious amber yarn that are best experienced when being in direct contact with the skin.



Royal Baby presents a selection of hand crafted silverware for the most exquisite first meal experiences. 

Hand made by the best artisanal silversmiths, these tools are wrought in sterling silver and plated with gold and platinum promising longevity and durability. 

Silver is known as one of the rare metals to have antiseptic characteristics, therefore making them good for children’s health. 



Royal Baby offers unique and customized hand made toys to complete the royal gift set.



As being part of Aristocrat Kids family, Royal Baby also offers bespoke service, giving the opportunity to create a truly unique gift set for a very special little someone. 

Each set can be customized by our Royal tailors.

For special custom made ROYAL BABY orders please contact us at mtm@aristocratkids.com