Chapter I - Majestic Summer

Once upon a time there was a kingdom where only good existed, it was a place filled with laughter and music.

There came a day when little princess Alexandra and her brother Richard were allowed to join the most splendid event of the season – the grand tea party. Little princess knew instantly that her dress had to be like no other. She dreamt about it night and day. Even when she was in the kitchen and saw colorful candies, they made her think about garments to wear.

Soon she visited the royal tailor to ask for the dress of her dreams. As she was explaining the many gorgeous details, she saw the eyes of the tailor grow larger with confusion. Little Alexandra realized there was no use in continuing, so she turned around to leave. As she went through the door, she noticed the tailor’s cat leaving at once.

Disappointed, she went to her room and fell asleep.

When she woke up, next to her laid the most beautiful dress. That was the kind of a dress she had dreamt about.

She spent the day looking for this magic tailor, but no answers were found. Even her parents and brother did not have a clue.

Later that night she heard some whispering, some quiet singing and tiny footsteps. She woke up her brother and they quietly sneaked out of their beds to follow the sound. It led them to a small door. The princess softly opened it and was amazed by what she saw!

Soft candles in the littlest chandelieres. Petite golden sewing machines with silver needles and candy buttons on colourful fabrics.

There were no royal tailors.

Bright-colored parrots and elegant squirrels, funny flamingos and emerald peacocks – they were the ones making wonderful garments. Butterflies pouring bits of happiness on every single piece.

To her great surprise, in the very corner of the room was the tailor’s cat, looking satisfied and pleased. He smiled heartily and welcomed Alexandra and Richard to the world of „Colorlicious”.

Join our world and discover the magic!



Chapter II - Magic Bird

It was a day just like any other, but little Alexandra felt a bit restless; there was something about this day, something yet to be discovered…

It was a beautiful day – the sun was setting on the rich autumn colors of the trees. The wind was blowing just gently enough to turn the leaves into an elegant waltz.

She opened the window, just slightly, to feel the fresh breeze of the afternoon air come straight into the sunlit room. She only wanted to take a quick breath of fresh air, but the soft breeze brought a sound with it – a magical melody from the forest that made it impossible to step from the window.

Never before had she heard such magical music. She took a closer look into the forest and was fascinated by what she saw - emerald green, yellow sapphire, ruby red and amethyst colored gorgeous feathers that came into sight…

Alexandra was so amazed by the beauty that she could not take her eyes off the forest. When looking closer she saw that it was a bird, a magical bird, which was so elegant, so precious and graceful, that when it opened its wings, the breeze seemed to have stopped for the moment so that it would not distract the bird.

It was the song of this magical bird that had enchanted little Alexandra. It was this moment that realized that the Magic Bird was the reason of her restlessness.



Chapter III - Royal Garden

As little Alexandra stepped closer to the Magic Bird, she was absolutely amazed by its beautiful colors and enchanting melody, that she didn’t realize, that the lovely creature was trying to tell her something – a secret.

While taking a step closer to the Bird, she accidentally tripped over a grand oak root. She quickly stood up, shook the dust of her delicate milk white cotton dress and got worried that this little mischief would have scared the Bird away.

When turning around to find the magical creature, she suddenly realized that its enchanting melody was just an introduction to what was about to unveil – a secret Royal Garden, that had been there for centuries, but somehow forgotten and hidden from everyone.

Grand oak trees at the entrance created an imaginary archway into the verdant wonderland. As she looked further, Alexandra found graceful willows leaning over a lily pond, softly colored water lilies slowly dancing around the charming fountain and the most beautifully colored birds, elegant squirrels and magical dragonflies.

The air was filled with little fairies that came from blooming dandelions. They seemed to be waltzing in the rhythm of the enchanting melody. She took a step beyond the noble oak trees and gently sat down on the soft grass.

Surrounded by tiny marigolds and fragile daisies, she laid down for a moment and closed her eyes to dream away. She dreamt of the castle that once had owned this Royal Garden, of the magical gowns and chapeaus the little princess wore, and the majestic tea parties.

The dream felt so real that she could even hear the giggling of the kids and smell the freshly baked butter scones…



Chapter IV - Aristocrata


Seasons changed and so did the magical garden. It just seemed that there was a grand curtain opening in the beginning of each season to portray wholly different scenery. If you  asked me for reasoning behind this phenomenon, I’d have to confess - I don’t know, but I was there to witness the fascinating transformation and so was little Alexandra.

It only took a moment for her to feel the air become crispy and to sense the little, perfectly shaped snowflakes on her skin and beautiful long hair. Each of the snowflakes shattered the sunlight into million tiny diamonds that made Alexandra squint her eyes but as she followed the snowflake to see it softly landing on the ground, it  appeared the sun had dropped a bucket filled with magic dust and tiny pieces of which had burst into dozens of shimmering rainbows that reflected on the white snow. She was dazzled and looked away over her shoulder… and there He was – gracious, chestnut colored stallion. His cashmere skin and eyes seemed to hold all of the untold stories and secrets of the world that captured a special part of Alexandra’s heart right at that moment.  There was such grace and beauty reflected even in his slightest movement. He stood there looking at her. She – took a step towards him – slowly and delicately. He didn’t mind, he let her approach him. Alexandra subtly reached out her hand to touch him and they met. It was a magical union of a little girl and her gracious, sincere companion.   It was the beginning of a new adventure, yet another chapter…



Chapter V - Water Lily


…There are those who only dare to dream and then there are those who live their dream.

Alexandra had true fascination for life and the beautiful secrets it holds. With each day she discovered new delightful places and beauty no words could ever describe. For some reason when sharing her secrets, so few of the many listeners believed them to be true but little Alexandra didn’t mind because she new – miracles will happen only to those who believe.

It was a summer day when little Alexandra and her new companion – chestnut colored stallion went for a walk through the magic forest. It was then that the little princess remembered a story her grandfather had told her about a secret lake that was well hidden from everyone and could only be seen by those who truly believe in miracles and are brave enough to witness them. She closed her eyes and let the story lead her way. It took her through the woods and over the hills until the story stopped. When opening her eyes, she noticed the most beautiful willow tree she had ever seen, its long and gracious branches leaning right to the ground.  There was no chance to see behind the grand willow tree but she knew that she is exactly where she had to be. Both – the stallion and little Alexandra approached the tree and softly took its delicate branches to one side to discover a wonder! A majestic lake surrounded by magnificent willows, their branches tenderly leaning over it, making the little silver leaves appear like tiny pearl drops shivering in the light breeze. And the geese! Dozens of white geese swimming among clusters of softly colored water lilies!  It was only during this time of the year that the geese, for no special reason, came to the majestic lake to spend a few days waltzing among the marshmallow colored beauties. 

A secret - so well hidden and witnessed only by some…



Chapter VI - A Royal Tale


‘It was winter in The Kingdom. Little Alexandra sat there, in front of a fireplace in the softly colored velvet pillows, covered herself with a warm blanket and dreamed away while looking out of the wintery window. Little ice flowers on the window brought a smile on her face because it seemed, as if someone had sat there for hours trying to arrange them in beautiful bouquets. As the sparkling rays of the sun stole their way through the window, the flowers dazzled in most luscious colors! Little Alexandra saw royal peonies, little marigolds, roses, berries and even tiny birds in the drawings on the window. Her Kingdom was sparkling white, as if someone had sparkling buckets of icing sugar over it.

Still dreaming away, she lightly turned her head to follow a bright, golden sun beam leading its way to a forgotten bookshelf in the corner of the room. It brought her attention to a book that lay there amongst many others, dusted and well forgotten. Without taking her eyes off the newly treasure, she rushed herself out of the comfortable pillows and approached the bookshelf. She lightly blew off the dust that had so securely kept the book a secret for decades. Once she held the royal treasure in her hands, she knew that it was no ordinary book. She opened it to find hand written stories and beautiful oil paintings! Out of all the magnificent paintings, there was one that stood out the most – A Royal Tale – a kingdom that greatly reminded her of the one she knew so well. The meadows, the blooming trees, gracious does and the chirping birds. She knew this place so well. She knew she had seen these beautiful paintings in real life! It was then she realized that it is her, little princess Alexandra, living the Royal Tale. It was also then that she realized that everyone has the chance to live their own fairytale – to draw it and to witness it. Some of the colors in the paintings may even become brighter when brought in real life. And as for any dream, you must have one and paint it before it can come to life. And so, little Alexandra sat down and started to paint…



Chapter VII - Royal Candy


Little Alexandra was having royal afternoon tea in her kingdom – where tea was served in small, delicate porcelain teacups which had the most beautiful peony drawings on them. Next to her, in a silver tray, lay a selection of colorful sugars made especially for little Alexandra by the royal pastry makers. Just as any little princess, she also had a sweet tooth. And as a very special secret request, there it was – a candy that combined all the sweetness of the world, so adored by little princess – cotton candy!

There she sat on a little velvet cushion with the cotton candy in one hand, enjoying each mouthful of the sweetness. As the sugar softly melted in her mouth, she raised the cotton candy towards the sunlight sneaking in through the white framed window into the tea room. She noticed dozens of shimmering sparkles hiding inside the sugary cotton that made her wonder about the possible secrets it holds. Little Alexandra let her imagination tell the story. And so it began…

There was a secret village in the kingdom and even more, there was a little tiny house in this village where a very special little dwarf lived. He was highly honored and loved by everyone because it was him who made the most amazing magic sweets and pastries in the whole kingdom! But how did it all start?

The little dwarf had a dream of having a garden but not an ordinary one – a magic garden with candy trees and sugar grass! He made a wish and suddenly noticed a little seed on the ground. He picked it up and planted the little seed in the backyard of his house. The dwarf asked the rain to help him water the seed, for the sun to warm it and the wind to be kind to it. Each morning the little dwarf visited the seed and gave all the care it needed. As gratitude for the little dwarf’s care and love the little seed had turned into a beautiful tree and gave him a magical gift – a whole branch filled with magnificent candy blossoms that turned into sweet lemon drops. The dwarf wished for the tree to have marshmallows and lollipops, sweet mints and toffees…He took care of it and the tree gave him all the wished for. The grass around the magical tree was covered with tiny sugar crystals making the whole garden sparkle in the brightest colors of rainbow. Tiny little bees and fairies helped the dwarf take care of the magic tree. The little dwarf happily shared the magical sweets with the whole kingdom. There came a day when he felt a sudden urge to create something new, something even more fascinating!

Just as every morning, little dwarf visited the magic tree, but this day something was different – the sunlight was so bright that its dancing rays made the little dwarf close his eyes. With his eyes closed, he suddenly felt a soft breeze that made all the wonderful scents of the garden come together. The magical colors and the irresistible smell amazed the little dwarf! He knew he had to find a way to share his magic with others!

He ran inside, quickly taking dozens of colorful ingredients - little bottles of magic dust, a pinch of lemon drop, a slice of sugary pearl tart…until all was well stirred together and magically made into one! So airy and light, so delicate and precious that it reminded him of a cotton flower and so he called his new creation Cotton Candy!

And as princess Alexandra sat there dreaming about the little dwarf and his magic tree, she wondered if it would be possible to have dresses made of cotton candy and sugar crystals, embroidered with lemon drops and sweet mints? I wish, I wish, I wish…

A sudden knock on the door woke up little Alexandra from her day dreaming. There she was, her royal maid standing in the doorway, holding a special delivery for the little princess…



Chapter VIII - Royal Treasures


…the Winter Ball was just around the corner and little Alexandra knew that along with all the excitement about it there was a small detail, a little something that no little princess adored. Every year, right before the Winter Ball she had a little chore to do– to clean and dust her room. This meant dusting all the wooden shelves filled with ancient fairy tale and adventure books she loved to read, picking up all the tiniest colourful glass figurines, fragile porcelain ballerinas and finding a proper place for all her favourite coloured pencils and painting sets. It was so hard not to get carried away with all the fascinating stories behind the beautiful book covers and the little glass figurines that all wanted to play with the little princess. Though this chore always seemed an impossible task to complete, little Alexandra knew that the sooner she got started the faster she would complete the task and that would leave her more time to daydream and prepare for the ball.

As she dusted the bookshelf, lifting book by book to make sure that no little dust fairy was hiding behind the books, she noticed a little box. It was a small wooden box with the most delicate wooden carvings of various birds and decorated with precious stones. The little princess was amazed she had not noticed the precious box before! She slowly opened it to discover a letter tied with a silk ribbon inside. As she delicately untied the ribbon, Alexandra realized that it was a map, signed by her great grandmother Queen Olivia. There were letters and symbols, tiny drawings and footprints, just like a riddle that had to be put together to reveal the hidden message leading to a treasure box well hidden in the royal woods. Alexandra took the little box and quickly sat down on the velvet cushion on the floor to start unravelling the hidden puzzle. Little bits and pieces came together to form a set of steps that had to be completed one by one to find the hidden treasures.

By following each step of the riddle, so began her journey. The little princess got carried away and came to realize she is suddenly standing next to an ancient oak-tree, so grand, she could barely see the top of it. She was in the middle of the royal forest and though she had come to play here a number of times, she had never noticed the grand oak before.

It was winter outside and the ground was covered with delicate snowflakes but nevertheless the grand oak stood there graciously with its branches filled with luscious green leaves, flowers and hundreds of gorgeous birds! Emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue - the birds and flowers were there, shining and shimmering like gem stones in the most precious royal jewellery. Dazzled by the breath-taking scenery she looked at the map to read one final clue yet to be revealed: ‘Only the one who truly believes in miracles will have the power to reveal.’

It was getting late and little Alexandra realized she had been away for quite a while and had been walking for miles. Overtired, she put her graceful arms around the grand oak when she felt a sudden crack. She jumped away from the tree and saw an opening in the trunk. As she took a closer look, she noticed a treasure chest that resembled the little box she found in her room. She curiously opened the heavy lid and to her surprise found the most beautiful gown with layers of delicate silk, lace and golden embroideries! Velvets in the colours of precious gems, beautifully carved wooden hair pins and brooches.

The little princess no longer felt tired as she merrily tried on the newly found dress and let herself dream about the royal Winter Ball…



Chapter IX - Tale of Gelato


There are places in the world where no grown-ups can go. Magical destinations open only for the eyes of children. These are places where dwarfs have magical gardens with candy growing on trees; places where swans are dancing and little fairies are sprinkling magic dust over chocolate buns. These places are witnessed only by those who truly believe in magic…

As little Alexandra took her fluffy baby bunny Gloria for the morning walk through the forest, she gazed at the bright summer sky where feathery clouds were forming into shapes of her favorite animals and fairy tale heroes. Little princess was already playing with her newly formed friends when she accidentally tripped! She looked up to find herself lying underneath a magnificent wisteria tree. The colors of wisteria flowers were so mesmerizing, she could not draw her eyes away from them. “How a single flower could be so attractive to the eye?” - wondered the little princess.

As she laid there trying to catch the smallest details of the fascinating flowers, she noticed something in the branches. From where she was lying, she could see the tiniest movements and shivering in the higher branches. She squinted her eyes to better see what was happening there and heard the softest sounds of music and singing coming from up above. This made the little princess even more curious. She realized that the only possible way to find out what was hiding in the beautiful wisteria branches was to climb up the tree and take a closer look. She pulled up her skirt with layers of soft cotton, lace and dozens of little ribbons, put her hair up in a ponytail and confidently started climbing up the grand tree. Alexandra was no beginner when it came to climbing trees. She had mastered tree climbing while playing hide and seek with her younger brother in the royal gardens.

As Alexandra approached the magnificent branches, she heard the music getting louder. The trumpets, the singing and laughter all together made her even more curious. She continued climbing as she reached the majestic flowers and slightly moved them to one side to take a look behind. She could not believe her eyes! Trumpets played by gracious flamingos in the most vibrant shades of pink, playful butterflies dancing to the sound of music and meadows and gardens - filled with gelato, macaroons and petite desserts. Crystal sparkle fairies blowing magic dust on berries and flowers, turning them into the most delicious and colorful gelatos!

The laughter and music, in a glimpse, made the princess join the fun and stomp her little feet to the joyous rhythm and twirl around the beautiful butterflies. The fairies in crystal sparkle dresses made the whole wonderland dazzle in dozens of little rainbows, making everything shimmer and shine! Oh, the colors that she saw- various shades of lemon, raspberries, blueberries, rose petals and so many more.

Alexandra took out her silver pocket watch to take a glimpse at the time and to her surprise realized that she had been there for hours and it was time to get back to the palace. As she turned away, a little sparkle fairy rushed to her ear to whisper: “Make a wish, little Alexandra, magic happens to those who believe in it!”.